M3D-C1 Weekly Meeting Minutes













10_13_23 Cesar's vgs from SPARC VDE discussion

10_13_23 S. Jardin's vgs from SPARC VDE discussion

09_11_23 single-precision preconditioner, INTEL-O3 at MIT, 2D VDE MUMPS vs SLU

Cesar_08_19_23 Comparison of SPARC INTEL and GCC compilers

Jin_08_07_23 Tests of Single Precision in the Pre-conditioners

07_31_23 MIT Computer problem, 2D RE, TRANSP geqdsk problem, Helical Coil with ijadv=0,1

07_10_23 MIT Computer, D_I and D_R, resolution for itor=0 qsolver

06_26_23 More on DTM in NSTX, DTM with analytic q, problem with basicq (itor=0), Resistive Interchangey

06_05_23 Perlmutter_cpu progress, More on DTM in NSTX

05_22_23 Perlmutter_cpu progress, DTM in NSTX

05_01_23 IDL bug, perlmutter_cpu, bf vs bfp problem, applying BC at infinity

04_25_23 Notes on toroidal solve for pressure equ

04_17_23 perlmutter_cpu, bf vs bfp problem

04_03_23 M3DC1 Scaling and PC error

03_13_23 Preconditioner discussion

02_27_23 New adaptation tool, Dingyun bug tracking, infernal mode insight, DREKAR

02_06_23 Focus on BGMG

01_30_23 BMG update (including stellarator) infernal modes comp with GATO

12_19_22 2023 NERSC allocation, comparison with GATO, corrected infernal modes in R/a=4 Eq.

12_05_22 perlmutter options, BMG update, infernal modes in R/a=4 Eq.


11_21_22 more results on infernal modes in NSTX

11_07_22 LBL Updates

10_03_22 perlmutter_cpu,doc updates, attempt to reproduce 2018 sawtooth run

08_29_22 regression test errors on Perlmutter_cpu, ITER L-Mode

08_01_22 SUBPC errors on Perlmutter_cpu

07_11_22 m3dc1_meshgen generalization, polar_meshgen, SUBPC error on Perlmutter_cpu

06_20_22 new Latex Documentation, SUBPC error on Perlmutter_cpu, 1D Hermite, 2F input

06_06_22 perlmutter_cpu, PRL on temperature flattening

05_09_22 scorec build, cori timing tests, bateman scaling utility

04_25_22 Linear MHD GIT, NERSC time, JSOLVER

04_11_22 Adapt update, fixes to cori, perlmutter, JSOLVER, ITER VDE

03_28_22 switch documentation to LaTeX, Chinese paper, cori_Haswell bug

03_14_22 adapt update, oom on cori, q-diagnostic question, SBL update, RWTM update

02_28_22 new collapase and split.smb, numerical instability at large kappar, SBL update, RWTM

02_07_22 Travers GPU, Timing Tests, kappari_fac, more on SBL

01_24_22 2D ITER w pellet, 3D DIII w RE and Neon Pellet, Predictive SBL

01_10_22 Comparison of Soft Beta Limit results with experiment


12_20_21 Perlmutter, NERSC allocation, license, 2F, SBL convergence

12_06_21 Hermite multigrid, More (strange) adapt results, draft license, helical coil update, SBL convergence

11_29_21 Adapt results, license discussion, SBL with batemanscale, EAST update

11_15_21 Corrected Fortran Error, update on SBL, Update on ST (W. Fox), 3D impurity injection with RE

11_01_21 Failed regression tests, Fortran error in ST=1 version, Globus summary, Mesh Refinement for S=10^8 SBL, Update on EAST

10_18_21 RPI potential plans, q-profiles on EAST, Pellet toroidal distribution, Adaptation example to allow 10^8, Pellet with RE

10_04_21 New Adapt_by_field, instability fixed, need 5 year plan

09_27_21 New Adapt_by_field, viscosity to inoslip_pol=2, instability with new code version,test of ikappaparfunc=1

09_20_21 New Mesh request, adapt and RMP_nonlinear fail, M3D-C1/LP update, Yao to work on EAST (1,1), Poloidal Vel BC, DIII Pellet run goes unstable

09_13_21 adapt reg test fails, hdf5 chunk size fix,mesh request, kappa_par request,LP status,1/1 mode with neg VL on EAST, Pol Vel BC

08_23_21 Failed RWM_nonlin & ADAPT regression tests,GPU matrix assembly plan, 3 issues in M3D-C1/NIMROD benchmark

08_09_21 Energy conservation for ipres=0,1 itemp=0,1; RW modes update, ST with 50% runaways

08_02_21 U-solves on GPU, intel-mpi,current density, stellar QOS, iconst_bz, TM w RW

07_26_21 INTEL-MPI on Stellar, RE current plateau with sources, M3D-C1-K, TSDW Gaps

07_12_21 IAEA NF issue, timing on stellar, intel-mpi results, itor=0 and itor=1, magnetic boundary conditions

06_28_21 Pustovitov, ITER sideways force with high resis, Porcelli, iconst_bz, pellets w RA

06_21_21 GPU Matrix assembly, DIII-D RWTM, DIII-D177028, update on ITER 2D SPI

06_14_21 Tearing Modes, DIII-D RWTM, DIII-D177028, update on ITER 2D SPI

06_07_21 bug fix with "calculate_ablation"

06_01_21 Stellar range of solve times, Strauss RWM, irreducable results on 2D ITER SPI

05_17_21 Stellar range of solve times, Bardsley JET SPI,DIIID 177053, DIIID 178665, 2D ITER SPI (Lyons)

05_03_21 Summary of SuperLU_dist on GPU

04_26_21 timing log on stellar, Lyons: update te in KPRAD subcycle, Wingen Paper, RE w sources plan

04_19_21 Perlmutter Early User, ELM triggering, Resistive Kink with RE, ITER VDE in more resistive vessel

Roman Samulyak SBU Update on Coupling of Lagrangian Parrticle and M3D-C1 Codes for Pellet Simulation

04_05_21 more on GS glitch, RE with sources, JET SPI fix with idenmfunc=1

03_29_21 more on GSequation glitch,RE JOREK benchmark & DIII, JET SPI Glitches

03_15_21 stellar timings,GSequation glitch,,RE discharge termination by MHD, helical band, JOREK benchmark

03_01_21 stellar available,RE characteristic method, helical band, JOREK benchmark

02_22_21 32/16 plane mgi comparison, helical band, JOREK benchmark, NSTX 1224040

02_15_21 Initial stellar info, (1,2) helical band, 16p vs 32p on 3D benchmark

02_08_21 O. Bardsley SPI run, larger viscosity in sawtooth with RE, more on helical band, 16p vs 8p on 3D benchmark, scream meeting

02_01_21 status of stellar, instability in sawtooth with RE, more on helical band w potential, 16p vs 8p on 3D benchmark

01_25_21 ITPA & MPPC Meetings, RMP_nonlin regression test failed, knock-on, helical band

01_19_21 denm and hyper scan for 3D benchmark, helical band, DIII-D 177053, sawtoothing with runaways (crashed)

01_04_21 plotting terms in temp Eq., 3D M3D-C1/NIMROD mitigation benchmark, RE in 2D cylinder with sources


12_14_20 GPU solve timings,JOREK zoom summary, resistivity fix for helical band,Wei Zhang paper,Wingen calculation

12_07_20 JRT Report, 177040 w RE, Radiation glitches

11_23_20 imp_hyper bug report, mesh adaptation,viscosity, revised SCREAM proposal

11_16_20 proposal for reading pellet, qsolver, SCREAM proposal, ST w RE, NSTX 1224020

11_02_20 bf -> bfp change, sem-implicit proposal, numvar=1 improvement, (6,6) mode in sawtoothing discharge

10_26_20 more on grad-B drift, Sawtoothing discharge with RE

10_19_20 nplanes problem fixed, f --> fp Phase 1 done, Grad-B question

10_12_20 GPU solves, restarting with more planes, trouble with fp solve, data transfer in coupled M3DC1/LP run, DIII-D shot 177053 w Argon

10_05_20 Problem with adapt on centos7, NSTX shot 134020

09_28_20 discontinuous resistivity,error in derived quantities, replace f w df/d(phi), new API for mesh adaptation

09_21_20 adapt regression tests, update on DIII-D shot 177040, 177053

09_14_20 M3D-C1 coupling to KORC, DIII-D shot 177040, DIII-D shot 177053

08_31_20 GPU solves, GS equation w runaways, RE with sources, M3D-C1K chirping

08_24_20 NUG Summary, Conservation Laws

08_10_20C. Collins summary, new Boozer paper, DIII-D Simulation for KORC

08_03_20 Initial results for DIII-D shot 177040, ikprad_te_offset

07_27_20 Plans for modeling DIII-D RE exps, Boozer VDE ref, consistent use of eta_te_offset

07_20_20 Status of ITER Disruption Simulation

07_13_20 1D RE source, summary slide for Disruption Workshop


06_29_20 KPRAD timing, ITER VDE with new structure, RE current profiles w sources

06_22_20 nskip example, KPRAD bug workaround,

06_15_20 new Computer Plans, Runaways with sources, M3D-C1/KORC coupling for NSTX

06_08_20 new JET VDE plots (from Strauss data), M3D-C1/KORC coupling

06_01_20new temperature plots, iupstream,3D ITER VDE, RE sources

05_18_20 updated 3D VDE benchmark forces, TF diffusion, RE with sources


04_20_20 Error found in force calculation

04_13_20 3D VDE benchmark: comparison of growth rates


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