M3D-C1 Weekly Meeting Minutes



10_13_23 Cesar's vgs from SPARC VDE discussion

10_13_23 S. Jardin's vgs from SPARC VDE discussion

09_11_23 single-precision preconditioner, INTEL-O3 at MIT, 2D VDE MUMPS vs SLU

Cesar_08_19_23 Comparison of SPARC INTEL and GCC compilers

Jin_08_07_23 Tests of Single Precision in the Pre-conditioners

07_31_23 MIT Computer problem, 2D RE, TRANSP geqdsk problem, Helical Coil with ijadv=0,1

07_10_23 MIT Computer, D_I and D_R, resolution for itor=0 qsolver

06_26_23 More on DTM in NSTX, DTM with analytic q, problem with basicq (itor=0), Resistive Interchangey

06_05_23 Perlmutter_cpu progress, More on DTM in NSTX

05_22_23 Perlmutter_cpu progress, DTM in NSTX

05_01_23 IDL bug, perlmutter_cpu, bf vs bfp problem, applying BC at infinity

04_25_23 Notes on toroidal solve for pressure equ

04_17_23 perlmutter_cpu, bf vs bfp problem

04_03_23 M3DC1 Scaling and PC error

03_13_23 Preconditioner discussion

02_27_23 New adaptation tool, Dingyun bug tracking, infernal mode insight, DREKAR

02_06_23 Focus on BGMG

01_30_23 BMG update (including stellarator) infernal modes comp with GATO

12_19_22 2023 NERSC allocation, comparison with GATO, corrected infernal modes in R/a=4 Eq.

12_05_22 perlmutter options, BMG update, infernal modes in R/a=4 Eq.

11_21_22 more results on infernal modes in NSTX

11_07_22 LBL Updates

10_03_22 perlmutter_cpu,doc updates, attempt to reproduce 2018 sawtooth run

08_29_22 regression test errors on Perlmutter_cpu, ITER L-Mode


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