M3D-C1 Publications


C. Liu, A. Lvovskiy, C. Paz-Soldan, S. Jardin, A. Bhattacharjee Self-Consistent Simulation of the Excitation of Compressional Alfven Eigenmodes and Runaway Electron Diffusion in Tokamak Disruptions Phys. Rev. Lett 131, 085102 (2023)

Y. Zhou, K. Aleynikova, and N. Ferraro, Nonlinear MHD modeling of current-drive-induced sawtooth-like crashes in the W7-X stellarator Physics of Plasmas, 30 , 032503 (2023)

S. Jardin, N. Ferraro, W. Guttenfelder, S. Kaye, S. Munaretto, Ideal MHD induced temperature flattening in spherical tokamaks Physics of Plasmas, 30 04250 (2023)


C. Liu, S. Jardin, J. Bao, N. Gorelenkov, D. Brennan, et al., Thermal ion kinetic effects and Landau damping in fishbone modes J. Plasma Phys. 88 905889610 (2022)

P. Sinha, N. Ferraro, and E. Belli, Neoclassical Transport due to resonant magnetic perturbations in DIII-D Nuclear Fusion, 62 126028 (2022)

A. Wright, P. Kim, N. Ferraro, and S. Hudson, Modelling the nonlinear plasma response to externally applied three-dimensional fields with the Stepped Pressure Equilibrium Code J. Plasma Physics, 88 905880508 (2022)

A. Kleiner, N. Ferraro, G. Canal, A. Diallo, and R. Maingi, Critical role of current-driven instbilities for ELMs in NSTX Nuclear Fusion, 62 076018 (2022)

S. Jardin, N. Ferraro, W. Guttenfelder, S. Kaye, and S. Munaretto, Ideal MHD Limited Electron Temperature in Spherical Tokamaks Phys. Rev. Lett., 128 245001 (2022)

C. Liu, S. Jardin, H. Qin, J. Xiao, N. Ferraro, J. Breslau, Hybrid simulation of energetic particles interacting with MHD using a slow manifold algorithm and GPU acceleration Comput. Phys. Comm. 275 108313 (2022)


W. Zhang, S. Jardin, Z. Ma, A. Kleiner, H. Zhang, Linear and nonlinear benchmarks between the CLT code and the M3D-C1 code for the 2/1 resistive tearing mode and the 1/1 resistive kink mode Computer Phys. Commun. 269 108134 (2021)

C. Clauser and S. Jardin, ITER cold VDEs in the limit of perfectly conducting walls Phys. Plasmas 28 012511

C. Liu, C. Zhao, S. Jardin, N. Ferraro, C. Paz-Soldan, Y. Liu, and B. Lyons, Self-consistent simulation of resistive kink instabilities with runaway electrons Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 83 125031 (2021)

A. Wingen, B. Lyons, R. Wilcox, L. Baylor, N. Ferraro, S. Jardin, D. Shiraki, Simulation of pellet ELM triggering in low-collisionality, ITER-like discharges Nuclear Fusion 61 126059 (2021)

C. Clauser, S. Jardin, R. Raman, B. Lyons, and N. Ferraro, Modeling of carbon pellets disruption mitigation in an NSTX plasma Nuclear Fusion 61 116003 (2021)

Y. Zhou, N. Ferraro, S. Jardin, H. Strauss, Approach to non-linear MHD simulations in stellarator geometry Nuclear Fusion 61 086015 (2021)

F. Artola, C. Sovinec, S. Jardin, M. Hoelzl, I. Krebs, C. Clauser, 3D simulations of vertical displacement events in tokamaks: A benchmark of M3D-C1, NIMROD, and JOREK Plasma Phys. 28 , 052511 (2021)

A. Wright and N. Ferraro, Mode spectrum characteristics and onset of the low-shear MHD stability regime Phys. Plasmas 28 072511 (2021)

A. Kleiner, N. Ferraro, A. Diallo, and G. Canal, Importance of resistivity on edge-localized mode onset in spherical tokamaks Nuclear Fusion 61 064002 (2021)

T. Evans, W. Wu, G. Canal, N. Ferraro, Observations of heteroclinic bifurcations in resistive MHD simulations of the plasma response to resonant magnetic perturbations Phys. Rev. E 103 013209 (2021)

A. Wright, N. Ferraro, S. Hudson, R. Dewar, Predicting nonresonant pressure-driven MHD modes in equilibria with low magnetic shear Phys. Plasma 28 012106 (2021)


C. Zhao, C. Liu, S. Jardin, N. Ferrro, Simulation of MHD instabilities with fluid runaway electron model in M3D-C1 Nuclear Fusion 60 126017 (2020)

S. Jardin, I. Krebs, N. Ferraro, A new explanation of the sawtooth phenomena in tokamaks Phys. Plasmas 27, 032509 (2020)

I. Krebs, F. Artola, C. Sovinec, S. Jardin, et al Axisymmetric simulation of vertical displacement events in tokamaks: A benchmark of M3D-C1, NIMROD, and JOREK Phys. Plasmas 27 , 022505 (2020)


C. Clauser, S. Jardin, N. Ferraro, Vertical forces during vertical displacement events in an ITER plasma and the role of halo currents Nuclear Fusion 59 , 126037 (2019)

N. Ferraro, J.-K Park, C. Meyers, et al, Error field impact on mode locking and divertor heat flux in NSTX-U Nuclear Fusion 59 086021 (2019)

B. Lyons, C. Kim, Y.Liu, N. Ferraro, S. Jardin, et al, Axisymmetric benchmarks of impurity dynamics in extennded-MHD simulations Plasma Phys. and Control. Fusion 61 , 064001 (2019)

N. Ferraro, B. Lyons, C. Kim, Y. Liu, and S. Jardin, 3D two-temperature MHD modeling of fast thermal quenches due to injected impurities in tokamaks Nuclear Fusion 59 , 016001 (2019)


Q. Teng, N. Ferraro, D. Gates, and R. White, Nonlinear simulations of thermo-resistive tearing mode formalism of the density limit Nuclear Fusion 58 , 106024 (2018)

D. Pfefferle, N. Ferraro, S. Jardin, I. Krebs, A. Bhattacharjee, Modelling of NSTX hot vertical displacement events unsing M3D-C1 Phys. Plasmas 25 , 056106 (2018)


I. Krebs, S. Jardin, S. Gunter, K. Lackner, et al., Magnetic flux pumping in 3D nonlinear MHD simulations Phys. Plasmas 24 , 102511 (2017)

A. Fil, E. Kolemen, A. Bortolon, N. Ferraro, S. Jardin, et al., Modeling of lithium granule injection in NSTX with M3D-C1 Nucl. Materials and Energy 12 1094-1099

G. Canal, N. Ferraro, T. Evans, T. Osborne, et al. M3D-C1 simulations of the plasma response to RMPs in NSTX-U single-null and snowflake divertor configurations Nuclear Fusion 57 076007 (2017)

B. Lyons, N. Ferraro, C. Paz-Soldan, R. Nazikian, A. Wingen, Effect of rotation zero-crossing on single-fluid plasma response to three-dimensional magnetic perturbations Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 59 044001 (2017)

M. Beidler, P. Cassak, S. Jardin, N. Ferraro, Local properties of magnetic reconnection in nonlinear resistive and extended-MHD toroidal simulations of the sawtooth crash Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 59 025007 (2017)


Q. Teng, N. Ferraro, D. Gates, S. Jardin, R. White Nonlinear asymmetric tearing mode evolution in cylindrical geometry Phys. Plasmas 23 , 102515 (2016)

N. Ferraro, S. Jardin, L. Lao, M. Shephard, F. Zhang, Multi-region approach to free-boundary 3D tokamak equilibria and resistive wall instabilities Phys. Plasmas 23 056114 (2016)

F. Zhang, R. Hager, S. Ku, C. Chang, S. Jardin, N. Pomphrey, et al, Mesh generation for confined fusion plasma simulation Engineering with Computers 32 285-293 (2016)


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J. Breslau, N. Ferraro, S. Jardin, Some properties of the M3D-C1 form of the 3D MHD equations Phys. Plasmas 16 , 092503 (2009)


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S. Jardin, J. Breslau, N. Ferraro, A high-order implicit finite element method for integrating the two-fluid MHD equations in two dimensions J. Comput. Phys. 226 2146-2174 (2007)


S. Jardin and J. Breslau, Implicit solution of the four-field extendedn MHD equations using high-order finite elements Physics of Plasmas 12 , 056101 (2005)


S. Jardin A triangular finite element with first-derivative continuity applied to fusion MHD applications J. Comput. Phys. 200 133-152 (2004)


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